Best Organic Sunscreen

The best organic sunscreen that I have ever used is definitely The Green Beaver Organic Adult Sunscreen SPF 40. I hope that this review will convince you of the quality of this product.

Product: The Green Beaver Organic Sunscreen SPF 40

Price:     CDN $23.99

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My Rating: 9.5 out of 10


The Green Beaver Organic Sunscreen, Product Review

Quality sunscreen is one of the essential items that you have to bring on your trip. Whether you are planning a summer or a winter vacation, make sure that sunscreen finds room in your baggage.

I have a very sensitive skin and I react strongly to the chemical ingredients that most skin products contain. Because of my chemical sensitivities, I am always on the hunt for quality, natural skin products. Since I discovered Natural Mineral Sunscreen from The Green Beaver Company, I don’t have to worry about my skin being protected and at the same time, being saved from the harmful chemicals.

I use this sunscreen during both summer and winter, whether sunbathing, swimming or snorkeling. Since The Green Beaver Organic Sunscreen is biodegradable, I know that I won’t cause any damage to the ocean reef while snorkeling. I am very conscientious about protecting the environment, and finding the right product that allows me to enjoy snorkeling (which I love) and not worry that I am contributing to damage or destruction of sea life, is very important to me. Using this natural sunscreen I am worry free, because I know that my skin is well protected by a quality product, and at the same time I am contributing to the protection of our environment.

Facts about The Green Beaver Natural Mineral Sunscreen

∗ SPF 40 Broad Spectrum

∗ Biodegradable

∗ Hypoallergenic

∗ Fragrance Free

∗ Non NANO

∗ Size: 90 ml lotion (perfect to pack in the carry-on luggage for your flight)

∗ Water and Sweat Resistant (40 Minutes)

∗ Contains Antioxidant Raspberry Extract

∗ 100% of the ingredients are of natural origin

∗ Natural and Organic Cosmetics certified

This is a great product which I strongly recommend to all of you adult travelers out there. Protect your skin and the environment with this wonderful product. I wish you enjoyable and safe travels.