Hornblower Cruises, Niagara Falls – Definitely the Way to Get Wet!

American Falls


Just recently I had an opportunity to admire Horseshoe Falls aboard the Hornblower Cruise in Niagara Falls. The boat tour company serving Niagara Falls, Canada, changed name and type of boats four years ago, from the Maid Of The Mist Boat Tours to the Hornblower Boat Tours Company. The new boats are bigger, they carry 700 passengers and offer a smoother boat ride. The boat tour company also expanded their tours to offer not only 20 minute daytime tours, but also 40 minute evening, fireworks cruises. It has been years since my last boat ride on the Niagara River so I was quite happy with my friend’s offer to join her on this adventure. We went during the week to ensure that we wouldn’t be stuck in a long lineup, first to get our tickets and second, to get on the boat. We were lucky and our plan worked out….only two couples in front of us at the ticket booth!

After receiving the obligatory red poncho, we lined up, waiting to board the vessel. I would not recommend wearing your poncho too soon, especially on a hot day…you will be sweaty and uncomfortable. That was a good moment to start taking some photos of the Falls – both American and Canadian. The natural beauty of the American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and magnificent Canadian Horseshoe Falls was overwhelming. I was able to take quite few photos during the first few minutes of our short journey, but the closer we got to the Horseshoe Falls, the harder it became to see anything, not to mention take photos! The mighty power of the falling water created a wind blowing effect, making it very hard to keep our ponchos below the height of our hips….you know what that means….our legs were drenched….and so were our faces, here is the proof…



After a couple of minutes of trying to admire the mighty Horseshoe Falls, the boat turned around and we were on our merry way back to the dock. The entire experience was fun and the view was spectacular but was it worth the money? Personally, I prefer the Journey Behind The Falls.

Journey Behind The Falls

This is yet another unique way to admire the Horseshoe Falls, this time from the tunnels and observation platforms (my favorite). You can spend more time taking photos and being amazed by the incredible view. You can really get a close-up view of the Falls during this self-guided tour, which takes approximately 45 minutes, but if you want to stay longer on the two platforms, nobody will tell you that you can’t!

Horseshoes Falls, Canada

Horseshoe Falls, Canada

The Falls look spectacular from both sides – American and Canadian. It is really worth seeing this wonder of nature whichever way you choose to do it.

 Tips and additional information:

  • Do not wear long pants or dresses if you don’t wont them to get soaked
  • Protect your electronic equipment and cameras
  • Wearing flip flops is not recommended as you can slip easily when they get wet
  • Wear a footwear that won’t get damaged by water
  • If possible, plan to take the boat tour during the week instead of the weekend, to avoid the crowds and the lineups
  • On a hot day, don’t forget the sunscreen, a hat and a bottle of cold water also bringing a waterproof
  • Remember that the ticket price does not include the 13% HST tax
  • Tickets are available online, or from the ticket booths at the Hornblower Ticket Plaza in Niagara Falls Canada
  • Ticket prices for 2017:

∗ 20 minute Day Tour:

Adult ticket: $29.32 CA including tax

Children 5-12 years old: $18.02 CA including tax

∗ 40 minute Evening Tour:

Adult ticket: $45 CA including tax

Have fun and enjoy!!!