LOT Polish Airlines

Just over a week ago, I flew with LOT Polish Airlines from Toronto to Warsaw on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner (Economy Class). This plane was comfortable with plenty of legroom and I didn’t feel squished like on other flights. The overhead compartments were spacious. Dinner was very tasty (chicken option), breakfast not so much (cold and stale bun). The flight attendants offered hot and cold beverages several times, and you could always ask for more if you were very thirsty. I really appreciated the wet serviettes (offered twice) and tasty snacks (chocolate covered wafers). The in-flight complementary entertainment was okay. I appreciated the individual screen, but was a little disappointed at the movie selection (only older movies were available, no new releases or recent movies). The crew  were excellent, very helpful and pleasant to deal with. Overall this was a very good flight with a safe and soft landing. I would recommend LOT Polish Airlines, and the 787 Dreamliner for the comfort and overall experience.