Snorkeling in Tobago

Snorkeling adventure

Just recently my husband and I went on vacation to Tobago. We booked this trip a few months ahead of time and since the day our booking was confirmed, I started gathering information about the island, different activities, food and customs. One of our favorite vacation activities is snorkeling…

This is for all of you snorkeling lovers out there!

We had a great time snorkeling in Tobago. For me the beauty of it was the fact that I didn’t have to swim in very deep water to be able to admire the amazing underwater life. There are many unique snorkeling places on this island, for both novice and experienced snorkelers alike. We stayed in Castara village (about 50 min drive from the airport in Crown Point) where swimming between the Big Bay and the Little Bay, you could see large stingrays, 2 m long sailfish, schools of smaller fish and other unidentified big fish.

Big Bay Castara Tobago

Big Bay, Castara, Tobago

Other great places to go snorkeling

There are many other great snorkeling places in Tobago. My favorite was the Nylon Pool, which is near Pigeon Point. The water there has an amazing turquoise color and it’s perfect for the beginner snorkelers or kids, since  it is only about 1 m deep. The Nylon Pool is a pool of crystal clear water, with the white sand bottom in the middle of the sea….pretty impressive! Snorkeling there we didn’t see any large fish or other big sea creatures but we did see schools of small tropical fish and small stingrays.

Little Bay Tobago Castara

Little Bay in Casatra



One other place worth mentioning is the amazing Buccoo Reef. You can get to the Reef on the glass bottom boat (from Scarborough and Pigeon Point,) or renting a boat with one of the local tour guides (If you are staying in Castara, I recommend the local Alibaba Tour Company). The Buccoo Reef has been rated as the third most amazing reef in the world with it’s spectacular, colorful and fascinating underwater life. Tobago is truly a snorkeling paradise!

If you wear prescription glasses, I recommend that you get yourself a pair of prescription snorkeling googles to be able to fully enjoy the beauty of the underwater word. Prescription snorkeling googles are available for men, women and kids (click on links for more details).

Nylon Pool

Nylon Pool

Ways to protect and preserve the Reef….

I recommend that you use the bio degradable sun screen to make sure that you are not contributing to the destruction of the coral reef. There are several different brands on the market but after doing some research I decided on Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF40 from The Green Beaver Company. This sunscreen comes in the 90ml size, so it’s perfect for packing in your carry-on luggage. Once in use, I discovered that I made a good choice.

It’s also a good idea to use UV swim shirt while in the water….the sun is VERY strong. Please also remember that touching the coral or any of the sea creatures is not a good idea.

One more word of advice…don’t leave your money, documents, phone or keys on the beach unattended. For worry free swim, store your belongings in the waterproof case or waterproof bag (check this link for more information).

For additional, interesting information about Tobago and the island’s “Treasures”, I recommend visiting MyTobago website at

I wish you all amazing snorkeling adventures in the seas around this fascinating island.