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Travelling to different countries, experiencing amazing cultures, tasting delicious food and enjoying every second of it….yes, that’s what I love about travelling. I hope that the information contained in my articles will help you to prepare for your adventures, and my tips will help you to avoid unpleasant surprises. Over the years I have learned how to prepare for trips to different countries and different continents and I hope to share my knowledge and experience with YOU.

Safety Tips By Country Of Travel

Being aware of many possible dangers while travelling can make all the difference between a nightmare versus a perfect vacation. Most of the time, you can spare yourself from unexpected incidents by getting helpful information about your destination ahead of time.

Travel Safety Tips By Destination

10 thoughts on “Travel By Country

  1. Thank you so much for this information. I really took note of your personal story. I am visiting Europe and Rome in particular in July 2017 so have found this to be great information.
    Will you be giving tios on other countries as well?

    • Thank you very much for your kind comments. I am really pleased that you find this information helpful. I hope that you have a fantastic and safe trip. I plan to work on safety tips for other countries. Stay tuned!

  2. Any popular tourist area, be it Rome, Paris, London, or Miami, to name a few, are infested with way too many con artists, pick pockets, and “helpful” people.

    I guess the main theme to your Rome discussion is do NOT trust anyone you do not know. PERIOD! And, that should be the modis operandi no matter what tourist hotspot we visit.

    I have had similar experiences in vacation spots like Orlando, to include Disney World, New York City, Sydney, Australia, and Bangkok, Thailand. But, with each experience we become wiser and more wary of our surroundings after suffering a few not-so-enjoyable encounters.

    I enjoyed your Rome article. I have always wanted to see sights such as Colosseum and the Sistine Chapel up close and personal.


    • Your comments are very accurate. Being aware of the “dangers” and not trusting the strangers is crucial to our safety wherever we go. So many of us take the guard down while on vacation, and that can be a mistake. I hope that you will make it to Rome. You won’t be disappointed. Wishing you safe and enjoyable travels!


  3. Hi. I’m glad there’s someone out there who is capable of giving some safety tips in traveling. I really find this information helpful as what we can see in the movies coming to Rome do not completely reflect how it is to be in the actual place and be on your own.

    However, with this article, I’ve got the feels and took note of the things to be aware of in visiting these places.

    Thank you so much!

    • Thank you very much for your comments. I am very pleased that you found my information helpful. I am planning to write more articles about safety in different countries, so please stay tuned.


  4. Thanks, Grace for providing us with this very valuable service.

    Your mention and description of the specific areas to be “very” concerned about is invaluable to everyone traveling to this great city.

    Money belts, “copies” of anything important and bringing very little along will surely make the holiday a lot safer from being a victim to this scum.

    Do these pickpockets prey more on woman or men? What percentage of these crimes are actually reported?

    I always read or hear about the European pickpocket phenomena. Does this crime occur this rampantly in other areas of the globe?

    What are the safest cities in the world to visit?


    • Thank you for your comments Paul. I am very happy to provide helpful and important information for the travelers visiting my website. To answer your questions: both men and women are victims of the petty theft. I didn’t find anywhere the actual statistics of pickpocketing and purse snatching incidents. The one that I found reported 907 U.S. passports stolen from tourists in Rome in 2015. Petty theft crime (including pickpocketing) occurs in many of the big cities all over the world. The 10 worst cities reported for pickpocketing are: Barcelona, Prague, Rome, Madrid, Paris, Buenos Aires, Florence, Amsterdam, Hanoi and Athens. Wherever you travel to, you have to be cautious, do your homework before you travel, take the precautions and you will be fine. I wish you safe and enjoyable travels.


  5. Hi Gracie,

    I would’ve love to check all of the countries you’ve posted on your page but, none of them are accessible. I don’t travel much but have been overseas for a long time now. I think the most common safety tip regardless of the country that you’re travelling to, is to always have a safely kept amount of money, know the culture and emergency numbers to your destination before travelling and a charged phone with a working sim. Hope your page will be fix soon.

    Safe journey everyone.


    • Hi Rock, thank you for your comments. I apologize for the delay in my replay but I just got back from another trip and now trying to catch up. I am just in a process of moving my articles from Blog to Travel By Country page so you will be able to access them soon, for now please visit my Blog page for articles about travelling to different countries. Your tips are absolutely correct. Thank you for stopping by, enjoy your stay and visit me again.


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